Schroeder's Tool Welding has been specializing in Tool & Die welding since 1974. Over the years the welding process we have used has been ever evolving. We went from using only Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, or TIG Welding, to being pioneers in the Milwaukee area using true Micro-Welding and now are proud to be the first in the Milwaukee metro area to offer Laser Welding.

Our vast knowledge and experience in all factors of Tool & Die Welding, now combined with the latest high-powered Laser Welding, provides our customers with an extraordinary welding resource.

Whichever type of welding is right for you, we are the company to provide it. Our customers compliment us on quality, turnaround time and price. If any of these are important to you, we are your company.

We also offer pick-up and delivery to those in the metro Milwaukee area, and UPS or FedEx for our customers up north or out of state. Please call to see if you are in our pick-up area.



Our employees are specially trained to deliver accurate, precise welds to ensure that your pieces are completed to your satisfaction.


As the industry is growing and changing, Schroeder's is on the forefront of the technology.


Our service doesn't just extend to our work. We are able to pick-up and deliver jobs to companies in the Milwaukee area--with great turnaround times.